Meet UNKNOWN’s Ankita Ashrit

Meet UNKNOWN’s Ankita Ashrit

A little chat with Unknown actor Ankita Ashrit.

What role do you play in Unknown?

I play Sophie’s on/off girlfriend Imari. 

What has been challenging and/or rewarding about working on Unknown?

I think a challenging aspect of the show is finding the humanity behind a character that is generally disliked by the other characters. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring Imari’s softer, friendlier side. 

When you’re not acting, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

Well I love dogs and plants. I had a garden over the summer and, if I somehow have free time, I try to volunteer with a local animal rescue center. I try to practice witchcraft as often as I can. Mostly that involves collecting rocks and lighting candles.

Catch the world premiere of Unknown October 18-27 at The Crane Theater in Minneapolis.