May 17-26, 2018
at Phoenix Theater - 2605 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis

SET "A" - Performing May 17-19 at 730pm:

Directed & Choreographed by Pedro Pablo Lander
Featuring Beliza Torres, Genevieve D. Johnson, Kim Schneider, Lelis Brito, Pedro Pablo Lander, Sharon Picasso, and Tim Rehborg

Noche Bomba is an exploration of forms and gender. Movement; expression; drag; social dance. Gender as fiction, socially constructed; gender as reality, its actual implications. Interweaving forms to construct imagery. The journey of Pedro Pablo Lander's Latinx gender evolution, navigating through the deeply rooted Venezuelan and latinx machismo, tightly bound to their identity development.


Written & Performed by Marcel Michelle-Mobama

What is the line between education and inculcation? What is the relationship between media consumption and self harm? How far will we go to protect ourselves? Why is it so hard for us to name the evil we named so long ago? There are indeed demons in America. After spending months immersed in alt-right (nee Nazi) literature, Marcel will use movement, music, and text in an attempt to return to the land of the left. She is armed with new knowledge, covered in scars (camouflage. armor. something.), and she is going out.

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SET "B" - Performing May 24-26 at 7:30pm:

Created & Performed by Addison Sharpe
Directed by Chantal Pavageaux

The Last Guest at The Last Resort passes the time basking in the desert sun, sipping sparkling refreshments and lauding the patron saint of pool-side glamour, Micheline Bernardini, the first woman to model the bikini swimsuit. But the desert oasis may prove to be a fragile mirage as the Last Guest is forced to recon with the repercussions of living in lavishness. In their most ambitious stage project to date, Addison Sharpe navigates a world of sex, kitsch, fallout and the bewildering spectacle of the Atomic Age.

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