This week, our Communication & Development Intern, Brianna Olson-Carr, interviewed Intrigue With Faye Assistant Stage Manager, Emma Squire.

Q: Tell us a little about you and your background…. How did you get into theatre, and specifically stage management?
A: I started performing in children’s theatre when I was 8 years old after my parents recognized that I loved being on stage but that tutus and tap shoes weren’t for me. After years of performing I all but dropped theatre in college, only performing in a few student productions. Out of boredom the summer after my junior year I started volunteering as an ASM at the TRYPS Children’s Theatre in Missouri. I enjoyed it, I fit backstage better than I had expected. Three days after graduating college with a Art History and History degree I started working as a stage manager at TRYPS.

Q: What is your favorite part of the rehearsal and/or production process?
A: I really enjoy tech week (which many people loathe). The adrenaline! The malfunctions! The problem solving! Only having time to think about the production…

Q: What are some of the challenges?
A: Having a group of intelligent, artistic, and ambitious people working on a time sensitive project together will inevitably result in some head-butting, but its also exciting. Trying not to let conflicts disturb the flow of the production can be challenging.

Q: How did you get involved with 20% Theatre Company, and what has your experience been like? 
A: I responded to a post for an ASM for Faye on Minnesota Playlist after checking out 20% Theatre Company’s website. I was really excited about the work they were doing and
luckily was granted an interview with Claire (Executive Director) and Nicole (Director of Intrigue With Faye).

Q: What types of shows do you enjoy stage managing? Any favorites?
A: I really enjoy working on large musicals. I enjoy the pacing, large casts, and working with music. However, as an audience member, I would rather go see a small ensemble play – like Faye – because I feel I can relate more to the story and characters.

Q: What are some of your other interest/hobbies when you’re not working on a show?
A: I like going to concerts, trying out new bars and restaurants, karaoke, beer tasting, cooking, and watching British television shows!