Featured Q-STAGE Collaborator: Sarah Wolf

Part of the mission of 20% Theatre Company is to provide opportunities to new and emerging artists. Q-STAGE is the perfect vehicle to create such opportunity. So, as we get closer and closer to our second installment of the Q-STAGE New Works Series, we’d like to introduce you to a few artists you may not have met. me 1

Sarah Wolf is a Production Assistant for “And She Would Stand Like This” by Q-STAGE Artist Harrison David Rivers.

Who are you and what do you do (in life? in the world? in the arts?)?

I’m a recent college graduate and have lived most of my life in Wisconsin. I moved to Minneapolis a few months ago for a wider variety in theater. I currently work at a nursing home planning and leading activities for the residents. I also babysit for a few families. I like to keep my days filled with games, fun, and creativity. This helps to keep me thinking as I start my theater career.

Why do you do what you do?

Theater is a way to learn and teach people about lives that are different from their own. The performances that have stuck with me are the ones that make me think. I want to work on shows that challenge other people to think.

Why did you want to become involved in Q-STAGE?

The first time I heard of Q-STAGE I instantly fell in love with it. It’s a wonderful opportunity for queer artists to share their voices. I wanted to be a part of it to support those artists in making their shows come to life. I love shows that challenge the audience and have queer themes.

Tell us a little bit about the Q-STAGE piece or pieces you are working on?

The piece I’m working on is “And She Would Stand Like This” by Harrison David Rivers (the chosen Q-STAGE Artist in this case), an adaptation of “The Trojan Woman”. It’s a powerful piece that takes a look at the relationships between mothers and children. It’s been great working with Harrison, and exploring all the different levels and layers to this piece with our wonderfully talented cast.

What is your dream project?

My dream since I was about 5 has been to one day publish a book. I’ve since expanded that to also publishing and producing and directing a play. Novel writing is easier to me than playwriting, so perhaps I will adapt my book to a play. Either way, I would love to have my work produced and known throughout the world.

Theater is a universal language. I was able to travel and spend some time in Germany and Turkey. While there, I attended a few theater productions that were in Turkish and German. I understand a basic level of German, but not any Turkish. However, I was able to understand the shows without many problems. The actors conveyed the feelings and emotions and I could follow them onstage to see what was happening. I would love for my work to be seen and understood around the world and have people connect with it.

I also want my work to have all queer characters. I want this to be the norm and have no questions asked. Since I’m still dreaming, I would also love to cast and direct my show with diversity of age, size, race, and ability. I want to change the norm in everything so that everyone can have a fair shot at being in theater. There’s a long way to go for this dream and one day I think I’ll see it.