Get to Know: Homo Hotdish

20% Theatre Company is thrilled to announce Q-STAGE – a new, experimental series showcasing the work of local queer artists/performing groups. As a company we recognize that “queer” can mean vastly different things to different people. To us, “queer” is a term of radical self-definition – and can relate to personal gender or sexual identity, history, presentation, artistic approach and/or content, and so much more.

Six shows were chosen out of 14 applications, and you are about to read about one of them! We reached out to Chase Burns, Ryan Patrick, Jessie Scarborough-Ghen, and Jared Zeigler of HOMO HOTDISH. Check out what they have to say about their current Q Stage production, I DO! I DO!

What attracted you to the Q-Stage opportunity?

The four of us (“HOMO HOTDISH”) worked together this summer on a separate project, and were having a terribly difficult time finding a reliable performance space. We had the energy to create new work, but didn’t have the right foundation for our projects to grow and be seen. That’s where Q-Stage entered!

Jared saw the call for artists on Facebook, and we immediately recognized that the festival was the opportunity we’d been looking for. Not only do we get the chance to produce our own work, but we’re also given the ability to collaborate and network with other fabulously queer-minded artists.

We’re happy to say that the process has been eye-opening and enriching from the very beginning.


What was the most surprising or exciting discovery you made during the rehearsal process?

Rolling Chairs.


If your play/performance piece had a theme song, what artist would sing/play it?

Has R.T. Rybak ever released an EP? Because he’d be a pretty good candidate.


Describe your show in 5 words or less:



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