Meet Q-STAGE Artist Nakita Kirchner

Meet Q-STAGE Artist Nakita Kirchner

An interview with Q-STAGE: New Works Series artist Nakita Kirchner

Who are you? 

I am Nakita. I’m a queer Lebanese-American collaborator, dancer, and choreographer.

What can you tell us about the work you're presenting as part of Q-STAGE? Who or what asks this work of you? 

With the breakout of COVID-19, the impetus for the piece changed greatly. One of the many things lost during this time has been the varying forms of intimacy we give and receive every day. What I ultimately want to offer from this piece is a reminder of the intimacies that exist in this time. 

For a long time the performing arts have been not just havens for young Queers but also an opportunity for expression and community, and for many a pathway towards identity. Any encouraging words to a Queer kid who's struggling with the limitations present in performance today?

Performing arts have served a larger role in my life than I often remember and tend to take for granted. It’s an incredibly lucky experience not only to find creative expression, but also to find dear collaborators who see and respect you for who you are. Even when participating in work that doesn’t include those collaborators, it is heart-grounding to know that those people’s energies are still with you. 

What's something you've learned about making art in the last few years that you think helped you become more in tune with your vision? 

I have recently learned that the expectations and ways in which a piece serves a cast are just as important as how it serves an audience. Creating a piece takes a lot of work, but embodying someone else’s vision is a serious labor. I am incredibly grateful to my collaborators, Fei Bi and Sophia, for taking on this labor for Q-STAGE.

Who are some Queer Artists (local or otherwise) you want to shout out? Who should we be paying attention to? 

Having seen sections of work from the other Q-STAGE artists, I am excited to see the final products from Kat, Yoni, and Commarrah! It has been an honor to witness the unfurling of their work and to grow alongside them. 

Any plans for the work beyond Q-STAGE? What is next for you?

Right now, most projects are paused until vaccination is more widespread, but I look forward to sharing my work in the Lebanon International Contemporary Dance Festival and collaborating with dear friend and collaborator Leila Awadallah this summer. 

Nakita's new work Perspectives on Intimacy will be screened Thursday, March 4 - Sunday, March 7th.