August 25-September 10, 2017 @ Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis
By Georgette Kelly
Directed by Claire Avitabile

What does it mean to love someone in a moment of great transition? Zoe dreams of flying—of escaping to new heights—while her wife, Grace, dreams of standing in a pulpit before a religious community that accepts her recent transition from male to female. 16-year-old Savannah dreams only of her first love, Xavier, who is coping with becoming a man. Meanwhile Xavier is haunted by the nightmares he sees staring back at him from the mirror. BALLAST tells the story of two relationships between transgender and cisgender partners, exploring not only the way gender influences our relationships, but also how gender seeps into our spirituality, our dreams, and even our ability to take flight.

Featuring Eileen Noonan, Jayden Simmons, Piper Quinn, Olivia Wilusz, Marcel Michelle, Katherine Engel, and Zealot Hamm.

Asst. Director: Margo Gray
Stage Manager: Shannon Hessburg
Asst. Stage Manager: Scout Fleckenstein
Set Design: Karen Lee Tait-Fries
Costume Design: Jenna Graupmann
Lighting Design: Courtney Schmitz
Composer: Walken Schweigert

Photos by Nadia Honary

BALLAST was developed (in part) through terraNOVA Collective's Groundbreakers program.