Changes in Time

May 11-25, 2013 @ Minneapolis Theatre Garage
A World Premiere by EB Boatner
Directed by Claire Avitabile

We are all at the mercy of the social, psychiatric, medical, and technological constraints of our times. Rain was born before Christine Jorgensen made headlines with her 1952 sex change operation. The word "transgender" was not in the common vocabulary then, and not for awhile. Changes in Time is made of three short snapshot plays - Wishes, Dresses and Changes - following the story of Rain/Lorraine/Laurence through his transition from the 1950s to the mid 1990s.

Rain - Briana Zora Libby
Court - Chava Curland
Lorraine - Heather Spear
Margaret - Muriel Bonertz
Lawrence - Chris Little
Jordan - Dann Peterson

Director - Claire Avitabile
Assistant Director - Rayegene Ragnhild
Stage Manager - Rachael Rhoades
Dramaturg - Danika Ragnhild
Lighting Design - Miles Zane Bard
Costume Design - Renata Shaffer-Gottschalk
Sound Design - Anita Kelling
Scenery - Shannon Morgan
Properties Master - Sarah Salisbury
Apprentices - Grete Bergland, E. Capman, Paige Harrington,
Bre'Elle Erikson, AP Looze, and Martha Heyl


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Photos by Blythe M. Davis