David’s Redhaired Death

May 19 - 26, 2006 @ Acadia Cafe, Minneapolis
By Sherry Kramer
Directed by Claire Avitabile

Kate Kennedy - Jean
Colleen Somerville - Marilyn

Claire Avitabile - Director
Margaret Reid - Assistant Director
Lindsey Ingles - Stage Manager
Kari Hammer - Understudy
Linda Johnke - Set Design
Becky Bechel - Lighting Design
Claire Avitabile - Sound Design
Kristen DeBoom - Costume Design
Blythe Davis - House Manager

Fitting with tradition of 20% Theatre Companys' sisters in New York and Chicago, 20% Theatre Company, Twin Cities, produced Sherry Kramer's two-woman show, David's Redhaired Death, as it's inaugural production. Despite the low-budget and intimate location, as well as only four performances over one weekend, the production was a hit!

Kramer's raw, non-linear full-length drama explores the obscure and unexpected relationship between two redheads, Jean and Marilyn, and its unfortunate downward spiral after the suicide of Jean's brother, David.

Starring Twin Cities actresses Kate Kennedy (Jean) and Colleen Somerville (Marilyn), David's Redhaired Death received preview press in Lavender, CityPages, and Pulse, leading to packed houses at nearly every performance! Thanks to all who supported our first production - helping us get on our feet, gain exposure, and earn enough from ticket sales to finalize a plan for our first full season 2006-2007!