November 11-20, 2016 at Dreamland Arts, St. Paul
Created by Claire Avitabile, Shalee Coleman, and the Ensemble

Hopscotch. Barbie dolls. Playing dress-up. Parking matchbox cars on the hardwood floor. These are things that should occupy a five year old's time. Not learning how to lie. Not counting beer bottle caps. Not letting one huge loss impact her ability to trust anyone for decades. 

FIVE is a new performance work that explores the struggles that haunt and try to define us, and our path to letting them go.
Featuring Kathryn Fumie, Meagan Kedrowski, Beckett Love, Eileen Noonan & Briana Patnode
Stage Manager: Devin Taylor
Production Assistant: Jenna Graupmann
Lighting Design: Courtney Schmitz

Photos by Blythe M. Davis