Intrigue with Faye

January 25 - February 9, 2013 @ Nimbus Theatre, Minneapolis
By Kate Robin
Directed by Nicole Wilder

Between iPhones and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, our lives are nearly 100% documented these days, by our own choice. Does this make us more honest? More accountable for our behavior? Does this make our lives more "real"? From the writer of Anon- which 20% produced to much acclaim in October 2010- comes Intrigue With Faye. In this work, we explore the limits of truth and accountability- through the lens of a camera pointed unflinchingly at a trust-impaired couple in the digital age.

Lissa - Ariel Leaf
Kean - Anthony Neuman
Male Client - Joe Swanson
Frank - Nicholas Leeman
Female Spouse - Mykel Pennington
Male Spouse - Todd Bruse
Tina - Katie Starks
Faye - Alexis Clarksean

Director - Nicole Wilder
Assistant Director - Meghan Gunderson
Stage Manager - Carisa Anderson
Assistant Stage Manager/ Props - Emma Squire
Set Design - Karen Lee Tait
Lighting Design - Miles Zane Bard
Sound Design - Claire Avitabile
Videography - Cat Hammond