The Naked I: Insides Out

February 2014 @ Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis
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This company-created production continues the exploration of queer and trans* experiences. The world premiere production, made up of 25 brand new, never before seen monologues, short scenes, movement pieces and spoken word poems, featured the contributions of 81 LGBTQ and allied artists.

WRITERS: Christopher Soden, Zealot Hamm, Alyx Hanson, Erica & Patience Fields, JamieAnn Meyers, Nikolas Martell, Oliver Renee Schminkey, Mykee Steen, Jes Versace, Charles Ely, Andrea Jenkins, TJ Carley, Sam Berliner, Tobias K. Davis, Cat Hammond, Suzi Gard, Galen D. Smith, Alex Jackson Nelson, Leslie Lagerstrom, Ben Masters, kd, Hannah Quinn Rivenburgh, Sarah James, G. Zachariah White, and Love, Femme.

WORLD PREMIERE DIRECTORS: Megan Lembke, Scott Artley, AP Looze, Emilia Allen, Cat Hammond, Anna Sutheim, Mel Day, Zoe Michael, Mishia Edwards, Shalee Coleman, Brianna Olson Carr, Beckett Love, Shannon McCarville, Lee Conrads, and Neil Schneider.

WORLD PREMIERE CAST: Zealot Hamm, Abel Knochel, JamieAnn Meyers, Chere Suzette Bergeron, Mykel Pennington, Erica Fields, Patience Fields, Indira Addington, Elijah Harkness, Asher Edes, Aaron Konigsmark, Greta Morgan, Jeffrey Richman, Cat Hammond, Suzi Gard, Jacob Devine, Manitou Love, Bryce Byron, Andrea Jenkins, Kaden Vicento, Valencia McMurray, Deja Stowers, Liana Yang, Nikolas Martell, Katonya Strickland, kd, James DeWitt, Chris Little, TJ Carley, Hannah Quinn Rivenburgh, G. Zachariah White, Katie Starts, Kendra Ogdon, Jo Lum, and Oliver Renee Schminkey.

Production Staff - Claire Avitabile, Blythe Davis, Shannon Hessburg, Devin Taylor, Grete Bergland, Courtney Schmitz, Raynise Cange, Jo Lum, and Kendra Ogdon.

This production was made possible, in part, by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (MRAC), thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts & Culture Heritage Fund - This production was also funded, in part, through grants from The Carolyn Foundation, and The Arch & Bruce Brown Foundation.