The Naked I: Wide Open

February 2012 & Remounted June 2012 @ Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis
National Tour Through March 2013 - Various Locations
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This company-created production explored experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. The play, which is made up of monologues, duologues, and short sketches, includes stories revealing the intricacies of bodies and dissects society's assumptions around gender identity. Our world premiere production in February 2012 featured contributions from over 50 artists.

PLAYWRIGHTS - Claire Avitabile, Milo Osswald, Anthony Neuman, AP Looze, Jaime Hokanson, Jessica Englund, Ben Resman, Alyx Hanson, Erica Fields, Gabe Moses, Ethan Draeger, Davey Ethan Wilkes, Lane Mckiernan, Rebecca Lawrence, Katie Burgess, Andrea Jenkins, Ethan Turcotte, TJ Kampa, JL Mohnkern, Kelly Waterman, Kelli Gorr, and Kris Gebhard.

DIRECTORS - Claire Avitabile, Meghan Gunderson, Rayegene Ragnhild, Erica Fields, LJ Johnson, Megan Lembke, Ariel Leaf, Patience Hughes, JL Mohnkern, Kris Gebhard, Anthony Neuman, Esme Rodriguez, Katie Starks, Derek Ewing, Nicole Wilder, and Lindsey Cacich.

CAST - Kaitlyn Andrews, Jessamine Bristow, Meg Brown, Miranda Foslien, Tom Glaser, Zealot Hamm, Kari Elizabeth Kjeldseth, Abel Knochel, Jay Masika, Anna Hagedorn, Meredith Larson, JamieAnn Meyers, Chere Bergeron, Walken Schweigert, Anika Reitman, Ben Resman, AP Looze, Puck Matz, Neil Schneider, Jen Tuder, Abel Knochel, Ariel Leaf, Mykel Pennington, JD Western, Remy Corso, Parker Haines, Lucas Scheelk, Erica Fields, Anthony Neuman, Mame Pelletier, Kelly Waterman, Nicole Wilder, Mel Williams, and Kris Gebhard.

PRODUCTION TEAM - Claire Avitabile, Nicole Wilder, Anthony Neuman, Shannon Hessburg, Rayegene Ragnhild, Renata Shaffer-Gottschalk, Samantha Kunz, Meggy Greivell and Miles Zane Bard.


Aisle Say Twin Cities

This production was made possible, in part, by funds from Philanthrofund Foundation (PFund).