The Birth of Venus

October 8-22, 2011 @ Cedar Riverside People's Center Theater, Minneapolis
By Lisa Flora Meyers
Directed by Claire Avitabile & Nicole Wilder

The Birth of Venus follows Betty, a transgender woman, who harbors two dreams: to physically transition into a female body, and become an astronaut! She falls in love with Ron, a goofy single father who breaks faces professionally, and Trish, a surgeon struggling to conquer her loneliness. Together they build doghouses, bake cakes, make Play Dough creatures and spaceships, and explore the depths of love and friendship. Venus is a contemporary play that Meyers describes as “mixing poetic realism with a touch of the fantastical.”

Betty - Shannon Troy Jones
Ron - Joe Swanson
Trish - Melanie Wehrmacher

Director - Claire Avitabile & Nicole Wilder
Directing Observer - Meghan Gunderson
Stage Manager - Katy Stein
Scenic Design - Megan Longo
Scenic Painting - Katrina Knutson
Lighting Design - Miles Zane Bard
Costume Design - Renata Shaffer-Gottschalk
Sound Design - Claire Avitabile
Character Consultant - Erica Fields
Postcard Artwork - Carol Barton