WAAFRIKA 123 • November 2018

November 2-11, 2018 @ Minnsky Theatre

• Written by Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko • Directed by Lisa Marie Brimmer • 

1992. A rural village outside Nairobi, Kenya, on the eve of the country’s first democratic elections, and everyone is brewing with expression. There, although lesbians and transgender people “don’t exist” in Kenya, two queers fall in love: Awino, from the Luo tribe, and Bobby, an American development worker.

"Waafrika 123, skillfully crafted and chillingly paced, may be the first play addressing FGM together with issues related to transgender and lesbian love. It amplifies our understanding and opens our hearts.”  — Dr. Dagmar Schultz, producer and director of Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years: 1984 -1992

Featuring Dua Saleh, Antonio Banks, Brenda Bell Brown, Marcela Michelle Mobama, Shenique Emelife, Briana Patnode, Ayesha Adu & Wolf Valencia

Production Team: Julia Nekessa Opoti, Keila Saucedo, Constance Brevell, Madeline Achen, Marcela Michelle Mobama, Courtney Schmitz & Christy Johnson.

Artwork by Joy Spika.

Content Warning: Waafrika 123 contains episodes of war, rape, female genital cutting, homophobia, transphobia, and suicide.

Minnsky Theatre is located at 1517 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413