Rahila Coats | Controlled Burn Featured Artist

Rahila Coats | Controlled Burn Featured Artist

Controlled Burn artist Rahila Coats on artmaking and choreography.

Tell us about the work you’re performing at Controlled Burn. What’s it about?

Not there yet came from a range of feelings, ideas. We tried recording moments of truth and absurdity that our body naturally holds. I usually like to choreograph with a structure that heavily relies on improvisation, so to change that practice I made movement that was inspired from moments of dance styles that were in my bones, the dramatization of a body’s capabilities. We have played with imitating each other, through movement, laughter to generate a structure of ambiguity.

What motivates your work as an artist in general?

Butterflies in my stomach, if I could describe the feeling.

Have you been involved with 20% Theatre Company in the past and, if so, in what ways?

This is my first involvement with 20% Theatre, and I am overwhelmed with excitement! I have been fortunate to learn from Taja Will this fall and learn Taja’s work in the Twin Cities, including 20% Theatre, and I feel so fortunate to be able to begin this relationship.

Which artists and/or performances have inspired you?

Abigail Atsenah Atsugah, Kyle Abraham, Nora Chipaumire’s #PUNK 100% POP *N!GGA.

Why do you think artmaking is important work?

We’re not exactly sure why art making is important, but it feels important to us. This artmaking, and spacemaking, does not have any quantifiable value, but we get the chance to care about this a whole lot. And we get to share it, and maybe it still changes something.

Rahila will be performing on Friday, February 14 @ 7:30pm at Controlled Burn: Queer Performance for a World on Fire.