THE NAKED I: RECOGNIZE/D – Featured Artist, TJ Carley

Wyatt and Teege1. In what way/s are you involved with THE NAKED I: RECOGNIZE/D? This is my third time performing in a Naked I production. I have collaborated with other artists, I’ve performed a piece another artist wrote, but this time I am performing my own story, Four Words.
2. Why is it important to tell the stories in THE NAKED I? Stories in The Naked I are important because they are our own stories. Real life stories, not some fabrication or over-simplification of queer lives. This show gives all of us, but specifically trans and gender-nonconforming people a chance to tell their stories.

3. What aspects of your identity do you hope to express through your involvement with THE NAKED I? 
As an older trans guy, I wanted my piece to reflect how much my life and the world around me has changed in the 10 years I have been on testosterone. This year, I’ve added “cancer survivor” to my identity, and while it’s not something I often share, I think it’s something that people, regardless of gender, can relate to.

4. Talk about your background as an artist. What sort of artistic experience are you bringing to this production? Ha, Ha, that’s funny. I don’t have a background as an artist. I make my living as a scientist, but I do have a creative writing degree. The open call for The Naked I productions allowed me to submit my writing. That writing has created opportunities for me to perform. My only artistic experiences are with The Naked I.

5. What other artists or shows have inspired you? I have met many wonderful artists and directors through each Naked I production. Each cast brings it’s own unique flavor to the production. It’s a big extended family I feel fortunate to be part of.

6. When not involved in this production, how do you spend your time? What are some of your hobbies? I love to read, write, travel, take pictures, and try to keep up with two 6 month old puppies!

7. Finish this sentence: I feel the most naked when……. I’m uncontrollably emotional.


THE NAKED I: RECOGNIZED performs February 2-11 at Minnsky Theatre. Click here for more information and to reserve tickets now!